Door and Glass Repair

Door and Glass Repair

Glass usually accentuates unless broken, sweating or fogged. We have the expertise to correct these unsightly issues. Ninety percent of the time window manufacturers make it possible to replace the glass versus the whole sash or window frame. Glass replacement is cost effective and often lasts longer than a factory install.

Dragging, rubbing, sticking, non-locking, and slamming aluminum or steel (hollow metal) doors are a headache. Numerous solutions are available to restore doors to proper working order. Do we repair or replace? Contact us for your best options!

What we offer you:

  • Car door mirrors repaired
  • Window glass cut to size
  • Broken and fogged glass replacement
  • Door closer replacement
  • Dragging – damaged aluminum and steel doors repair and replacement
  • Continuous hinge solutions
  • New panic and exit device installation or maintenance
  • Rear View Mirrors Adhered

24 Hour Emergency Service

Mistakes and accidents occur regularly when it comes to glass. Doors demolished and glass everywhere. For some of the best 24/7 service feel free to contact us.  We’ll keep your business going!

Call shop 931.473.2102 and wait for detailed message with 2 phone numbers!

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